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    Suggestions for feedback

    kidhack Level 1

      OK. Wrote all this before seeing the "ANNOUNCEMENT:OT: Sharing feature requests and bugs with the XD teamShow Details". Might wanna pin that in for the forum too.



      First off I'm really excited to be using Adobe XD. I tried it for the first time Tuesday and was able to quickly move a 50 screen wireframe form Illustrator into XD and link it all up to create a prototype while adding a few more screens in about 2 hours. Was super easy to export to my team and get them playing with it on their phones.


      I have a fair bit of feedback and feature requests. Rather than having to search the forums to not repeat others I have some ideas for the forum admins / adobe team to keep things on point.


      • Add a pinned topic with features you're working on
        • Bonus: allow people to up vote features
      • Add a pinned topic with known bugs
      • List of error codes


      That's it. Thanks!