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    How do I get RH to convert tables to dynamic widths from FM standard widths?

    daleannf37997082 Level 1

      I'm using RH10 importing books from FM11.  In FM, there are 5 standard tables with varying column widths totaling to the width of the page. The FM table definitions are in inches.  In RH, I mapped the standard tables and on the Master Page have identified the 5 standard tables but set the columns to be percentages. Based on what I had read, I understood that the 2 columns in FM that were 1.5 and 4.75 inches would become 24% and 76% of the table that is set to 95%.  When I look at the HTML code generated, the table width is 600 and the columns are 168 and 432.  How do I get RH to use the dynamic mapping from the master page when it imports the FM documents?  I have downloaded the 2015 version and tried it but I'm getting the same results.  All ideas will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!