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    how to "log out" of all computers so I can install apps on new OS


      Hi Guys,


      Ive run into an issue.  I have CC apps installed on two old computers, one of which is DOA, the other was recently reimaged.  My CC license allows for two simultaneous installs, and I no longer have access to the apps on those "computers" to uninstall them / log them out.


      My amazing access to Adobe help the other week resulted in a four hour chat session in which he ended up telling me to go to the forums (many thanks..).  Now my help access has ended and im no closer to getting the issue resolved.  I looked at cancelling my subscription, and starting a new one but due to it being purchased through an enterprise agreement, apparently id be locked out from repurchasing it until September when I started this one.


      Any ideas?  In the past ive accessed dodgy software, but went for the good option and paid properly this time.....  and honestly its making piracy look enticing again.