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    Speed of recording

      I can't solute a question of number of frame. It' taking frame every half second by default i guess. Is it possible to have it everi 0,2sec for example?
      Where do i find the setting ?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Dave9800 and welcome to our community

          I'm not sure what you are asking. However, I'll hazard a stab in the dark.

          The frame rate for a Captivate movie is typically 30 frames per second. You can adjust this by clicking Movie > Preferences... > Preferences tab.

          This really has no effect when recording. Unless, of course, you are recording full motion. (brief 4-6 second actions such as dragging a window from here to there or dragging the thumb of a scroll bar)

          Keep in mind that Captivate (CP) doesn't record like Camtasia Studio (CS). CS records full motion from start to finish. CP takes screen shots when it senses it needs to.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick