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    Change folder structure from year/day to year/month/day


      For several years I've been importing photos in a year/day folder system, but I now want to switch to year/month/day. I've tried:


      1. adding folders and moving the files in explorer and then

      a) synchronizing the folder but that will remove missing photos and add new ones (so will remove my edits)

      b) locating the missing folder, but while I can select multiple missing folders to locate I can only select one new folder location at a time and selecting the new parent folder (2015-01) does not automatically locate all of its subfolders (2015-01-01, 2015-01-02, etc) so I would have to individually locate up to 365 missing folders per year, for about 6 years..


      I've had bad experiences moving large batches of files within lightroom instead of explorer and have irreparably lost some good photos that way. It seems lightroom just can't handle the large masses of file I have (about 100000 at the moment). That was while transferring between my local computer and drive though, so if necessary I would be willing to try again with this simpler move.


      Is there a way to locate multiple missing folders at once?


      Alternatively, is there a way to automatically adjust the file structure (it was established automatically through lightroom import)?


      Thanks in advance for any help


      PS: Note that it's important for reasons outside lightroom that the photos are actually moved into this new folder structure, simply sorting by date metadata within the lightroom environment will not solve my problem.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional
          moving the files in explorer

          A mistake!! Re-linking becomes a mammoth task.


          The Lightroom Gurus may follow with better ideas, but my thoughts would be-


          Have catalog and images fully backed-up!

          Create the 'Month' folders under each Year, (Right-click on the Year and "Create folder inside...")

          Multiple select all the Day Folders for one month (Hold down CTRL as you select in the Folders panel)

          and drag them onto the new 'Month' Folder.


          That is 12 moves for each year (not 365)


          Is there a way to locate multiple missing folders at once?

          Only if they have all remained in one "Parent" folder with the same sub-folder structure!