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    importaion of  swa in FLASH 8

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      In FLASH-8 an attempt to import another swf file either to stage or to
      library results in nothing. It show SWFs available for importation but
      selecting a particular file and clicking Open produces no effect.
      Also in Flash 4 it was possible to open libraries of two FLA files and drug
      clips from one library to another. In FLASH-8 opening another library closes
      the previous one.

      How do I get round this ?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          i have no problem importing a swf to the library and importing to the stage with flash 8.

          to drag from one library to another, i just open the origin library panel and the destination stage and drag from the library to the stage and then hit backspace to remove from the destination stage. the object will be in the destination library.
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            TimSymons Level 1
            Flash 8, to me, makes it easier to move items from one lib to another. In the upper right-hand corner of the Library panel is a small icon that looks like to off-centered squares with an arrow through them. This will spawn a new library panel. Make sure that you have opened all of the files that contain the objects you want to move and the files you want to move them too. Also, be sure to use the "pin" (the icon that looks like a pin). Use it to keep the library panels locked onto a particular file. Then just drag items between the panels.

            This looks long in the post but really it is not that hard.