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    AfterEffects- image buffer and output module corrupted


      HI everyone,


      In aftereffects I've made this music video with a completely 3D environment of buildings and a pyramid in the center. The pyramid is made up of images that uses a star glow to transition between pictures. I have many copied compositions of varying duration of the same buildings that are placed at different points and layer order in the timeline so when the camera flies between the buildings, the correct perspective is maintained. There are 3 lights, two blue and one white.

      I can export a RAM preview without trouble. but when I try to export the full project (3:52:08) i get two consecutive error messages.


      One is an image buffer error message that says frame 12804 exceeds the internal limits. (Interestingly, I've scoured each and every composition and not a single one even goes that long.)


      The next says that the output module is corrupted or damaged. I'm using Best Settings and Lossless by the way. I've tried several other output modules which led to the same result.


      I'm using a MacBook Pro early 2011, 16 gb of ram, original processor.


      im really in a rush to get this dealt with. If I've provided enough information, does anyone know what I have to do to fix this? If I haven't provided enough, just ask for anything that might get this puzzle together.


      Thank you in advance!