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    What App for CD/Web info product?


      Here's what I'm wanting to do:

      - create an informational product (e.g. how to use Photoshop)
      - distribute it via an autorun CD and also online
      - be able to sell not only the whole thing, but also sell individual parts


      - I want the product to run without the need to install anything (e.g. don't have to install a program or adobe reader etc)
      - I want to be able to add a little interactivity
      - I want to be able to add multimedia movie-type things of me doing particular things (i.e. like a screen cast/recording)
      - >>I'm after something which is easy to use<< .... I was thinking of just using HTML webpages and autorunning them from a CD, so I'm after something that is simple to use

      So what I'm wondering is can any of the Macromedia programs do what I'm after? ... If so, which one/s? ... If not, any other suggestions?