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    DW  OS X crashes on launch

      I have DW 8.01 on OS X 10.4.6 and since yesterday DW wont launch anymore. OS X gives a crashreport:
      OS X crashreport

      which goes to Apple. I have rebuild the rights/permissions and files, removed the prefs and removed the configuration folder. I have tried a launch between the steps and DW still wont launch. Flash, Fireworks and Contribute starts as usual. DW wont even come up with the «startup poster». I dont have the CD for reinstall in hand now, but I have my disk backed up home. I will now try to move "DW folders" and DW application over from that disk. Its duplicated with the app carbon copy cloner.

      Yesterday evening I run the daily maintainance script with the utility program Coctail. It emties caches and rebuilds permissions and rights. Maybe something happed during this session. I have not used DW after that. But I have used this program before without problem. And I installed a update to garageband. This update crashed and had to be reinstalled.

      thanks for any help. Erland