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    Flash Player Updates

    Tom See

      Every time an update to Adobe Flash Player finishes installing, I am presented with a dialog box titled "Update Flash Player Preferences" (see below).  And every time I check the same box "Notify me to install updates" as my preference; the software does honor my selection, but why does it ask me again and again the same question.  My question / concern / request is, why cannot the update software maintain the setting that was chosen during the previous (50 plus) installations / updates and default to the selection last made (i.e., Notify me to install updates)?  Why do I have to keep making the same selection time after time, update after update.  The update installation should first check the current setting from previous installation and default to what ever that setting was.


      Obviously, the information is stored in Flash Player as it appears on the "Updates" tab (see second image)!  There is no logical reason this setting cannot be automatically transferred to the new installation package, like users selections / choices on virtually every other software package, regardless of manufacturer.  Very, very annoying!