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    Fonts disappear from IDCS6 Font folder when I close program

    Graphic Squirrel Level 1

      Windows 10 (ugh...)  IDCS6   Fonts are Helvetica versions that look like this: HV______.PFB and HV______.PFM


      I copied the fonts from my old computer to the new one and placed them in the CompositeFonts folder in InDesign.  Works fine until I close the software.  Upon opening it again, all of those fonts are missing.  The problem is that all of my work is in that font, and because it is all approved by customers, if I change it, I have to have them approve it all over again.  I need those fonts to just stay put.  Why would they disappear?  Any idea of how to get them to remain in that folder?  When I try to install them in the regular font folder, it tells me the PFB fonts cannot be installed and the PFM fonts are already there, but they are not showing up.


      Thanks for any help you can give me.