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    Lightroom CC - Buying a New 5K iMac 27" Which Graphics Card Should I Opt For?


      I need to replace my old 2008 iMac with a new model on which to run Lightroom CC.  I aim to buy the top spec 3.3Ghz Core i5 model with 8Gb RAM (to be upgraded to 16Gb post purchase) and 2TB Fusion Drive. 


      However can anyone advise me on which of the 2 graphic card options I should go for in my build.  Will it be worth the extra £200 to opt for the AMD Radeon R9 M395X with 4Gb RAM instead of the standard option AMD Radeon R9 395 with 2Gb RAM.  Would this be money well spent?


      I have no interest in gaming and the machines main use will be with Lightroom CC to manage and edit RAW image files (20 - 22MB in size) with occasional light editing Photoshop CC.  I also understand that currently Lightroom CC's use of graphic cards is limited to the Develop module.


      Looking forward to your responses...