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    Photoshop & Lightroom Hardware Recommendations


      Hello Everyone,

              My favorite hobby is underwater photography and I am planning a pc build that will be aimed directly for using photoshop, Lightroom & occasional Premiere Pro. Very rarely gaming.

              I have been doing my best in research to find the ideal components that will suit my needs best. I spend probably 5-10 hours a week reading reviews and posts on forums, YouTube videos & have a subscription to PC builder magazine.

            I am budgeting $3-4K for the pc alone; not including the monitor, keyboard or mouse. My main problem is deciding on which cpu & which gpu. Here are the components I'm considering....



      I7 6700K




      I7 5930K



      GTX 980 TI




      QUADRO M4000


      I am unsure of which would give me the best results...I have been reading that adobe supposedly got rid of the necessity for Cuda and is now focusing on open glad & open click which both cards support.


      I have been reading that the new skylake technology beats out the previous generation 5930k even though it has more cores.


      I am also unsure of the visual perceptabilty of 8 bit vs 10 bit display output. If 10 bit is vastly better then I am willing to invest in an adobe rgb 10 bit monitor. But at the same time I don't want to waste money for something I don't absolutely need either. But I am very curious about the new Quadro M4000 that has maxwell technology. Does anyone have experience with both cards???


      If anyone can contribute any recommendations based on experience it would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Either CPU could work great; I say go with the 6-core if you are comfortable over-clocking (the 5930k should be very happy clocked to 4.2GHz with decent cooling) and the 6700k if you are less comfortable with over-clocking (you can over-clock that CPU a bit even if you are completely adverse to over-clocking).


          GPU: 980 Ti is a pretty awesome card - you could save some $$$ and survive for your goals with a GTX 970, but I would personally stick with the 980 Ti. Don't even think about the way overpriced Quadros.


          Fast SSDs will be very important for you photo workflows: Samsung 950 512GB M.2 is nice (extremely fast); if you need more space you can RAID 0 multiple Samsung 850 Pro drives or get a PCIe Intel 750 1.2GB drive (my favorite for you build objectives).