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    Why does RoboHTML insert redundant font tags when inline styles are used?


      I am working on a help project using RoboHelp 10.  This is an old project (pre-CSS) that supports a legacy product. It uses a lot of inline styles.  It is really massive (900 Mb). Therefore, a recoding effort is not worth it for the last coulple of years that this product will be around.  (I am updating it for use in a Service Pack.) The context-sensitive topics that are linked to the application include a Related Topics button.  When I insert inline styles to correct the inconsistent formatting in some text links (hyperlinks) and then recompile the project, RH inserts several extra <font> </font> tag pairs.  This has the effect of enlarging the font size of some of the link text.  Why is this happening?  Does it have something to do with button code?


      Thanks for any insights.


      Steve Baird

      Ingersoll Rand