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    lost lightroom 6?


      So i started my lightroom 6, on my unstable windows 10, got blue screen...  now, after rebooting, lightroom won`t start, "another application got catalog opened"  also, i get the message to buy Lightroom...  i have bought Lightroom 6!  in august 2015! Now, it looks like it`s the versjon 5.7.1 that openes?   is this possible?

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          Larsem Level 1

          it says i need to quit the other version of lightroom to open.  do i need to re-install lightroom 6?  i found the install-file, but not the program it self..  if i hold  mouse over lightroom app in start meny, it says lightroom 5.7.1....

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            Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

            With Lr closed go to the location where your catalog resides(By default it is Pictures/Lightroom)

            Delete the .Lock file with the same name as your catalog.For instance in the Picture below it is Lightroom4 catalog.lrat.lock

            Image result for .lock file lightroom catalog

            In your case it will be Lightroom5catalog.lrcat.lock


            Restart Lightroom


            Let us know if that helps


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              Larsem Level 1

              well, it got me in. But it says my trial has expired, but i have bought the full-version of lightroom 6..  currently signed out and in, and got a message to install lightroom 6 after filling out my versions serial-number... 

              I am now installing it over again.



              thanks so far.

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                Larsem Level 1

                Up and running after deleted lock.file, and re-install.. Also updated to latest v.6.5 

                No problems...   Just don't know what realy happened...

                Basicly, got locked out of develop-module as i got a message to buy full-versjon. (But i have fullversion of lr6)