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    dynamiclinkmediaserver has encountered an error

    Leszek Ko

      At the start Lightroom 6.5 on iMac with OSX 10.11.3 displays a message "dynamiclinkmediaserver has encountered an error". How can I fix this problem?

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          tobiasf50248398 Level 1



          I also had this same error message with Photoshop Elements 15 and using Windows 10. In the end it turned out that some directorys were not accessable.

          So check your folder and file permissions especially on the specific used folders for the pictures and catalogue files.

          In my case I had a problem with access to the server where my home dirctory was located. Unfortunately Photoshop Elements did not inform me about the failed access but instead brought up the error from above.. Only while installing an older version of Photoshop Elements I got a more precise Error which stated that my home dirctory was not reachable...

          You most probably alread solved this problem but maybe it helps someone else...