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    Latest Lightroom update no longer new import EXIF lens model!

    woodmeister50 Level 1

      Applied the latest Lightroom update this morning.  I imported new RAW files from my Nikon D3200

      and Lightroom no longer displays the mounted lens model!  Previously imported RAWs still have the

      lens model displayed.  So, all of the images imported today are showing lens type unknown!


      If I open the uploaded file in Photoshop (opens the camera RAW plugin), lens model for lens corrections is correctly

      displayed.  The lens type is also displayed in the camera info in the upper right hand corner of the Camera RAW window.


      Also, if the RAW file is opened in Nikon NX-i, the lens model used is also properly displayed.


      Also, if I open the RAW in preview, the EXIF data clearly lists the lens model.


      Is there some easy fix?  The lens data is in the file, but Lightroom CC does not display it for the new imports.

      This is not good as some lens ranges overlap, it is unknown as to what lens correction to apply!!!!!  How can something

      so simple and working for such a long time get broken?