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    Multi-line Caption in Lightroom CC for Print Output

    Duker10 Level 1

      I am attempting to determine if Lightroom CC will allow me to replicate what my Digital Imaging Work Flow for work creates.  At work we use Capture NX, ACDSee and Fotoslate - I prefer Adobe and feel that if I could show them that using Lightroom is a better one stop shop to do what it is that we do, then I think that I could convince them to switch.


      I have been able to replicate almost everything to this point.  The last things I need to figure out are in printing the photo contact sheets.  Specifically, I am trying to print captions and titles to the contact sheet, as well as numbering each photo on the contact sheet.  For example, our current caption for each photo displays:


      Date of Photo:                                                       Photo Number

      Name of Photographer:




      I am able to get all of the items in the left column to display, but cannot figure out how to add line breaks so that they are left justified and display below one another, rather than inline.  I'd also like to know how to add, if possible, the photo number right justified in the caption field.


      Suggestions would be helpful.  I found a post for Lightroom 3 that says to use Ctrl+Enter to add a line break, but that doesn't work in Lightroom CC - when I hit Ctrl-Enter, it just commits the changes.Yes 0-

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          Duker10 Level 1

          Still looking for suggestions with this.  I have found a plugin that says it will do this, but the cost is pretty extravagant (29 British pounds, which I think equates to about $60 CDN) to be able to add line breaks to the Text Template Editor between different pieces of data.  Surely there is an easier way built in to Lightroom, no?

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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You could start with the photo number and include brackets. Click on my example below. You must adjust the cell sizes, rows and columns accordingly. The text editor includes brackets (parentheses) spacing, punctuation and words like tags and by.






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              Bob Somrak Level 6

              Ctrl-Enter works on the Mac with2015.5cc for both the CAPTION field in metadata and the PHOTO INFO template editor as show by 99jon..    I don't think you can right justify a field though. 

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                Duker10 Level 1

                Yeah, unfortunately Ctrl+ Enter doesn't seem to work on the Windows version.  I'm content with the spacing now as it is, however I've run into another little glitch.  When I try to create a Contact Sheet template, I get all of my settings set up, add the Text that I want in the Text Editor, and then select "Update With Current Settings", and my multi-line text reverts to single line, and the remainder is not shown.  If I then select and de-select the checkbox for "Zoom To Fill" from the Image Settings box, the multi-line text reappears.


                This isn't a huge deal for me - just a minor inconvenience.  But I am trying to create the template for my unit to use, and the bulk of the remaining guys aren't computer comfortable, and want to be able to follow a specific workflow.  I'm trying to learn why this does this, and how to rectify it, so that I don't have to type in our manual "After you apply the template, you need to go to each page and select/de-select the checkbox beside Zoom to Fill".  That's just silly.