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    ColdFusion Flash Forms

      Hello everyone,

      I have a ColdFusion Flash form page that has many objects such as text inputs, buttons, list boxes and so on. Some of these objects get values from a database and some are simply user defined values. The page is a product query page. Users can query for a specific product based on a number of criteria. One of those choices is to be able to query for a product based on a company. But the list of companies is rather a lot - over 6000. So I was thinking of having the user input a few letter that the company starts with and clicking a search button, which (the button is not a submit button because if I click submit then the entire form is submitted)is a button that calls a javascript function with an onClick() that will run a popup window. In that window the user should already have a list of companies based on the few letters the user had inputted. The user selects the company from a grid that is binded to a text field above it and clicks on a SELECT button, which should close the window and transfer the value to the text field that the user originally used to search for a the company.

      My problem is running a query with CFQUERY without a submit button (since I used onClick). Since I didn't submit, I can't really compare values (because #FORM.company# is blank) in the WHERE clause of the SQL. Also, how do I transfer the value back to the original page?

      Your help will be greatly appreciated. If you have any other ways of doing what I want to do, please let me know.