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    Can a field accept either TEXT or NUMBER?


      I need a field(var L2) in a fillable form  to either be able to accept the letters "n/a" if the question is not applicable, or they need to be able to enter a dollar amount in that field that will function as part of another script (below). I don't want the field with the following script to show up blank if the user enters "n/a".   Do I need to edit the following script in order to make this function properly?  Right now, the form is not allowing me to enter any text at all.


      var L2 = Number(this.getField("undefined_2").value);

      var L3 = Number(this.getField("undefined_3").value);

      var L4 = Number(this.getField("Percent").value);

      event.value = (L2<L3) ? L2 : (L3*L4)/100;