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    How do you see XD fitting in your pipeline?

    gluue Level 1

      I am just curious how folks intend to use XD?


      Currently I

      1. Wireframe in either Illustrator or Axure (or paper and pencil).
      2. Higher fidelity mockups Photoshop.
        1. Since the advent of Artboards I mock up mobile screens in PS too.
        2. Use photoshop for icons and higher end graphics.
      3. Extract elements from PS to be used (html or mobile apps)
        1. I also use photoshop for specs (via plugin)


      That is just a quick and dirty flow. I assume XD will slip in somewhere between 2-3. At that point what use is PS/Artboards? XD so far is a awesome product but at a certain point seems like it is redundant with PS. But I am going to keep plugging away with it, maybe the more I understand it the more it will reveal itself.


      If anyone cares to share how they have fit it in their pipeline that would be awesome. Sorry if this has already been discussed.