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    she can use standard license for this


      hi i want to buy files of you

      my wife makes bodypaint

      doing vector file to the plotter

      she makes stencil she paints for the people

      they keep a few days

      everything is hand made so it is small business

      she will probably buy between 1000 and 2000 files in years

      but I do not understand your license



      she is only away in the summer time (short time living in Denmark)

      she can use standard license for this she will start buying from you by

      she does not sell files

      she does not sell stecils

      she sells only color she paints on people in the selected patterns



      she would like to buy something in between

      10 files is too little each month and 750 is too much



      or you can purchase a package that apply every year



      98%, she made before the market but sometimes people want something special she makes while people are waiting

      so need a few files in the summertime



      so we need many files now

      and some files when summer starts





        Charles from denmark