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    Shockwave movie loops, won't open next movie

    Datredigital Level 1
      Using an existing CD director project, I re-published the project in Shockwave to run from my client's website. After a few Lingo tweaks, i.e. changing jump to movie to "gotoNetMovie", the client's webmaster no longer gets a "cannot find director movie" error when playing the first htm/dcr. But instead of playing the next htm/dcr movie on the server, the first one just loops over and over. This is also happening on the CD I sent him with the files. It does not happen to me on any of my systems (running from a hard drive or CD) though I'm running on XP and the webmaster is using Macs.

      I checked my Lingo scripts and publishing settings and there are no "looping" settings set. I believe he is using the latest version of Shockwave Player though he gave me a hard time about it not being able to run in an old version. (There are several flash videos within the Director movies and I need the latest Shockwave version to play them back correctly. Individually the dcr movies play fine from the server.)

      Is the issue on my end with my Shockwave movie development or on the webmaster's end, not knowing how to incorporate Shockwave movies into his website?