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    How do I create a PDF form template that adds pages as needed?

    FlashInthePan Level 1

      I am trying to make a PDF form template which can be distributed to employees so they can send in a weekly report.

      Here is what I hope to accomplish:


      1. The report should have a cover page, and then be followed by a few content pages.
      2. The number of content pages might VARY depending on length of the report.
      3. The user then has to send the report back under a new name preferably with a password.
      4. The send-back should no longer be in "form" format, but just a regular PDF


      I understand I need to have two page designs, one for the cover and one for the report content. How do I set up my file to allow users to dump their text in there and have the document keep adding the second page design as per the amount of text dumped in?


      I'm using InDesign CC 2015.3 Release Build on a Mac.


      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!