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    How can I disable Android device features in my PhoneGap Build App?

    dans8649804 Level 1

      Hi, I have put together a simple app in cordova and have uploaded the project to Phonegap Build.  The app compiled successfully and I am able to use the QR code provided to download the app and install it on an android device, but the installation identifies that the app require access to privacy details and device features that my app doesn't need.  At a glance, it looks like the app requests access to EVERYTHING by default, including the camera, audio input, GPS, contacts, device files, user accounts, vibration control, audio settings, etc.  My hope is to disable everything not needed, which is probably just about everything in the case of my app.


      In looking through the PhoneGap Build documentation (at PhoneGap Build Documentation), it looks like I should be able to disable all features by adding the following to my project's config.xml file:


      <preference name="permissions" value="none" />


      I have done this, but this does not change the permissions the app requests access to when it is being installed.  It is still requesting access to a laundry list of unneeded features.


      What do I need to do to remove these permissions from my project?