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    Some page numbers not read by PDF assistive tool


      I have page numbers on all of my master pages. The page numbers are in a frame and have been tagged as text.  Once I export the file as PDF (I am selecting create tagged pdf) not all of the page numbers are read by the Adobe Acrobat 508 Reader.  Any idea why or how to fix this?


      I can copy from the master and on each page but then I will have to manually tag and add to each article.  This is will be a 200+ page document and I would like to avoid doing that.  I don't want to have to set any order in the PDF because as this document is updated quarterly I will have to redo any reading order.



      Image of Master Page


      chapter body master page.png


      This image is from the pdf file - page 9 reads correctly (I noticed there is a box around the number if I highlight with my mouse).  page 10 reads "blank", I can also highlight with my mouse but I noticed there is no box frame around it.


      pdf pages.png