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    Fixed Layout EPUB Transparency Issues

    Greg_Linhares Level 1

      Just curious if anyone might know why certain text or graphic elements in my document will not maintain their transparency values when exported to EPUB?


      I've found that if I create the transparency effects in Illustrator and place a link to that in my Indesign document, the transparencies hold through to the EPUB. I also have the EPUB exports settings set to PNG, but it makes no difference.

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          I had the same issue.
          Solution was this for me. My elements that dropped transparency in the ePub where all grouped elements where the transparency was then applied to. The fix was to ungroup and then apply transparency on the separated elements.

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            helenh70033484 Level 1

            Hi, the way to make a frame with transparency, hold on to it's transparency when exported as a fixed layout EPUB is as follows:


            Create the frame and add a colour, lets say a mid grey for a 'tracing paper' appearance.




            Go to the 'Object Styles' pane. Using the little drop down menu on the object styles pane, make a "New Object Style".

            Where it says "effects for", change the drop down menu to 'Fill", check 'Transparency' and also click on the actual word 'transparency to access the pane choices. Change the opacity to lets say 70% and leave the blend mode as normal.

            Name the Object style to something like "Fill 70 trans" so you can identify it and click OK.


            Now apply the newly made Object style to your frame and export as EPUB (fixed layout) and BINGO! :-) transparent frames in an EPUB straight from InDesign! (I thank you!) ;-D

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              FeAle Adobe Community Professional



              To export to ePUB all information, settings of objects needs to be apply in object styles. Great tip!

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