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      I have a very basic question:

      When we say that I am writing my web service what I do?
      I tried to study the samples and the structure the flex-config.xml and server-config.wsdd files sorted down the following point.

      Please some one cross examines them and tells me if I am on the correct path:

      1) Make an entry in the flex-config.xml (which is in WEB-INF/flex floder ) under

      < web-service-proxy>



      <service name="serviceNameWS">

      <wsdl>{context.root}/services/ serviceNameWS?wsdl</wsdl>

      <! – detailed tag of service -- >


      Does the <wsdl > gives the path for the webservice’s location ?

      2) Also make and entry in the server-config.wsdd file which is on the root at WEB-INF under

      <service name=" serviceNameWS " provider="java:RPC">

      <parameter name="methodName" value="*"/>

      <parameter name="className" value="classpath"/>

      <beanMapping languageSpecificType="java:classpath" qname="ns4: serviceName" mlns:ns4=" http://www.macromedia.com/samples"/>


      Does :ns4=http://www.macromedia.com/samples > this part is necessary and what does it do ?

      3) write a java class in classes folder .. I saw all the classes are in the “samples” folder inside the “classes” folder (why ? I mean is it related to :ns4=http://www.macromedia.com/samples ? )

      thanks in advance !