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    Sprite sheet from Animate CC won't import into Edge

    Angela Ferrell

      I'm exporting a sprite sheet and EAS file from Animate CC (previously Flash) and the EAS file will not import into Edge Animate. The EAS file is in the same location as the .png file - both exported from Animate CC. This has happened to a colleague as well - on his computer using his own Animate CC -  and has happened to me every time I try it, using different Animate CC project files, different animations - Edge Animate will not import the EAS file exported from Animate CC.

      Is there any way I can get the last version of Flash (before it was Animate) so I can export sprite sheets for Edge?

      This also happened when I had a Beta version of Animate CC - and I thought it was just because it was a Beta, so I used Flash and it worked great, as always.

      Anyone have the same issue or an answer? I'm using Edge Animate CC 2015 version 6.0.0 and Animate CC (previously Flash), MacBookPro, OSX 10.11.3