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    How to favorite a LR preset


      How to relocate presets that will be used often.

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          Alfred Pennyworth Level 4

          If it is something you are applying to every photo on import you can set the preset to apply on import by right/control click the preset and select that option, but I suspect it's more likely to be some presets you like to use often and they are in different folders?


          There is no direct way in Lightroom to do this, however you can do some manual changes to folders etc to achieve something which might solve your problem. This can be done either by your operating system or a combination of both LR and the OS.


          Whilst in LR create a new folder in your develop presets folder panel by right/control click the first folder and select new folder, name this folder (Faves! Or whatever you like, the important part here is the the opening character, the bracket / parentheses is needed to place this folder at the top of the list as both LR and your OS will treat this ahead of a letter. You can use a number of course if you prefer!


          Navigate to the develop presets location in the OS and after first taken note of the presets you want to use and their locations, copy each one to your new folder, when you restert LR you will find the presets in the first folder at the top!


          To get the the presets location if you're not sure, first open the preferences dialog (Lightroom > Preferences (Mac) or Edit > Preferences (Windows) go to the presets tab at the top then select Show Lightroom Presets Folder any half way down, then select the Develop Presets Folder and start your copying.


          I trust this helps and I'm able to help you further should you need any more help