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    How best to specify exact dimensions for Responsive Scaling? (i.e. media queries)

    Nadia Khuzina Level 1

      I have stage sized 1366x768px, and there are various animated sprite sheet symbols than interact with each other. When responsive scaling is turned on, you get weird jitter in the animations and odd pixels coming out unless the resized dimensions are divisible. If you scale exactly 50%, then everything works perfectly, but 51% causes everything to be messed up.


      The edge commons way is definitely not a solution because it will triple an already long load time. Flexible and Adaptive Layouts (Adobe Edge Animate Online Week, Episode 5) - YouTube


      The Sarah Hunt JS way looked promising, but then iOS ignores anything I try to do to make it work. How to make scale-to-fit compositions with Adobe Edge Animate - YouTube


      Is there any way to just make it scale to exactly 25% and 50% of the original size?