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    does existing LR 5 conflict with use of CC LR


      I have purchased LR5 and it works fine. I need to start learning Photoshop to fiddle with my images and so must rent the CC product. This rental or license includes some version of Lightroom as well as some version of Photoshop. How can I avoid conflict between the two versions of Lightroom?  Perhaps I should not use the rental LR and stick with the purchased LR already on my computer.  CHCritchett

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The two versions of the Lightroom can coexist on the same computer and run independently. However, I believe you would be wise to go ahead and install Lightroom CC 2015. It is a newer version and has additional features that are not available in Lightroom 5.


          If you have already been using Lightroom 5, installing Lightroom CC 2015 will create an upgraded copy of your Lightroom 5 catalog. Your original catalog will be left intact. Lightroom CC can convert older catalogs to the newer version, but the newer catalog cannot be used by older versions. Since Photoshop will be using the latest features including the latest Camera Raw, you will be wanting to use Lightroom CC 2015 to take advantage of full compatibility between the two programs.

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            CHCritchett Level 1


            Your answer is useful and complete. I will switch to Lightroom cc2015 when it downloads.  I do wish I could save the cc2015 catalog formatted for LR5 in case I no longer can afford the monthly fee, but I must start using photoshop to advance my skill level so I will make the change. Thank you for your clear response.  Cliff (CHCritchett)