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    Problems using dynamic link from prem pro to AE?


      Hi, I am running Adobe CC on a brand new HP ZBook Gen 2. I have built a sequence in prem pro with media that is located on the laptop C drive. When I use the replace with after effects function though I get an AE composition of the same length as my original sequence but with no media in it. I can scrub through it in AE even though there are no layers on the timeline.


      I have looked at the help files regarding things like access through my firewall but the help files just complicate things as they don't even seem to correspond to my version of Adobe CC, that is to say when I follow their instructions files aren't where they say they are.


      So now I am completely stumped. I can drag the prem pro sequence into after effects but then I lose the edits and layer hierarchy of course but I also can't import a prem pro project into AE and when I try I get an 5027 12 error message.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.