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    Bibliothek (Keine Rückmeldung) [library (no response)?] Windows 10


      Ich habe Lightroom gerade erworben und installiert (Windows 10). Das Programm öffnet auch, aber egal was ich dann mache, kommt die Meldung: Bibliothek (Keine Rückmeldung) und das Programm ist in irgendeiner Schleife eingefroren, aus der ich nur durch Schließen des Programm wieder herauskomme.


      Since I have a german version of the program,  I do not know the exact wording of the error. Probably as written in the headline :library (no response).So here a brief description of the problem. I have just installed a newly bought version of Lightroom 6 on a computer running Windows 10 and I can open the program and I get the window informing me about the advantages of AdobeID where I can still click OK , but whenever I then click something else (File, help, library etc. ) I get the above notification and the mouse pointer turns into the circling waiting arrow, but then the program is frozen and nothing else happens (I actually waited 5 minutes without any change. Maybe this is even too short but I doubt that). I then can close the program with the red cross in the upper right corner, but I apparently so far  I cannot use it for anything I have paid for.