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    Save to camera roll heavily down samples images LR mobile v2.2


      I upgraded to LR mobile in the last week or so. It said it now supports full res output, great!


      Trouble is, Lightroom Mobile now seems to be heavily downsampling images that I save from my LR Mobile Sync or Lightroom Photos folders (on my phone) to my phone camera roll. The pictures are artefacted and really broken up. The weird thing is that that is only happening to images that were shot and added to LR mobile AFTER the recent update.


      So, any pictures that were added before the update are fine when saved out to the phone camera roll, but those added after are terrible. There doesn't seem to be a preference or setting for this. I've tried removing from mobile sync and adding again, I've tried quitting and restarting the app, I've tried re-bootong the phone and I've tried all methods of getting the pictures on to my camera roll from LR mobile. I get the same result every time, a horribly down sampled jpeg.


      A before image (in LR mobile) and and after image (in camera roll) to show the problem.


      Any ideas anyone?