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    Fortuitous Result, regarding the 6.5 Update Problem

    Stevie Geeee

      On Wednesday afternoon, I received a “Flag Up” inviting me to download, an Adobe Update for Lightroom 6 from status

      6.4 to 6.5.  Did it, but during the download, it “froze” at 75% complete.

      Mmm..I thought. I had some other things to do so let left the iMac for a while and when I returned, it appeared to have completed

      BUT…..when I switched on my Lightroom 6 to do a couple of images, the slide controls were displaying a weird anomaly.

      When, for example, you moved the cursor from left to right on the Highlight function, the image kept flickering and not attaining the

      required results.

      Same on ALL of the other functions. On Darkness, when you slid the cursor to the left for more Blackness, the image flickered from

      light to dark all the way along the adjustment and on max Darkness and  became a little lighter which it shouldn’t have!

      Yesterday, my Mac Expert friend visted me to sort things out

      Firstly, according to the Adobe Lightroom Forums, I am NOT alone with problems experienced with 6.5 update!

      What my genius friend did, (DON’T ask me how!) was to enter my Time Machine, go back to the date of the update

      and some how, roll back my Lightroom 6, to the previous incarnation of 6.4.

      The Lightroom controls are now back to normal and functioning correctly as they should.

      The NEXT time a so called “Update??” is offered, I shall go onto the Lightroom Forum page to investigate, BEFORE, I attempt any updates!