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    Yet another Lightroom Upgrade issue


      I have a couple of professional applications on my Mac. When there is a new version, I click the "Upgrade" button and after a while the new version is installed and running.

      Not so for Lightroom. For the second time now since LR6 I had to completely reinstall the app as the upgrade failed.

      First, it told me it is loading the new version, then it told me the upgrade failed. Repeated three times (after reboots) as user and admin and still same results. What is worse, I couldn't even start LR6.4 anymore.

      So I deleted LR and all the junk that came with it and reinstalled LR6.0, then updated to 6.5. Now it is working.


      The other issue: when I install any other software I get one application icon, which is the one I double click to start the app. With LR6, I get Lightroom and no less than 5 more app icons that are meaningless to me. Have Adobe understood how Macs work and what the software quality expectation of Mac users is like?


      Time to move to Capture One I guess. More expensive, but less hassle.