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    "Page not found" error - Internet

      Does anyone know what might cause a customer (using IE 6, settings unknown) to receive a

      Page cannot be displayed
      error when attempting to open a WebHelp file on the Internet? Note: He does not get the

      404 error
      . That is,

      Page cannot be found

      Others who use the same browser have no problem. Is there a certain setting(s) in Tools/Internet Options that should be checked/not checked? Firewall problem? Workaround suggestions?

      Thanks much.

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          Roger N Level 2
          aljack -

          It's hard to say without more info; can this user access other sites without a problem? Is she on a dialup connection, where she might be experiencing a timeout? Is she using ZoneAlarm in conjunction with a router firewall, which can display these symptoms.

          Perhaps your user has some security settings that preclude the use of Javascripts. There's a lot of posibilities. Maybe you could find out more about this user's machine.

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