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    Using different coloured font to indicate correct or incorrect answers




      I am using radio buttons to select a correct answer to a provided question.

      This functionality is working fine for me.


      Here is what I have in Actionscript 3:


      import fl.controls.RadioButtonGroup;



      var group:RadioButtonGroup = new RadioButtonGroup ("My Question")



      A.group = group;

      B.group = group;

      C.group = group;

      D.group = group;



      A.label = "A";

      B.label = "B";

      C.label = "C";

      D.label = "D";



      submit.label = "Submit";

      submit.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, submitletter);



      function submitletter (event:MouseEvent):void{

        if (group.selection == null) {





        if (group.selection.label == "D") {


        correctanswer.text = "Correct!";

        mytxt2.text = "Click the blue arrow to go to the next question.";


        } else {


        incorrectanswer.text = "Incorrect.";

        mytxt2.text = "(Remember from Lesson 3, a denominator is a number into which both numerators can divide.";










      My problem is my text field seems to store the first answer I choose, hence if I click another radio button, that text overwrites the existing.


      radio button overwrite.jpg


      I have created separate text fields in Flash for both "Correct" and "Incorrect".


      I am a complete beginner with Flash and I am unsure whether the problem lies with my Flash layout or the my code in Actionscript.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


      Thank you.