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    How to export without loosing sound quality or frames?


      Okay, so I have been trying to export my animation for days. I can't export or compress the audio to maintain the quality. I export it to .mov with the audio compressed to the best quality but it still comes out terrible. It also looses a TON of frames when I export it. I can't export it in any other format, because it isn't compatible with editing software that I have. How can I export this animation without loosing sound quality??? HELP!!

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          _Waylander_ Level 2

          Have you tried the Publish Settings?


          File--->Publish Settings


          Click on the Audio Stream and Audio Event options, and set each of them as

          See if that improves your audio, when exported. Choose override sound settings also, in-case the audio files in the library have there own audio settings. Just to be sure, right click the sound files in the library and check their sound settings also, make sure they are way up there.

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