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    App keeps crashing due to Google Maps


      I'm working on a mobile app called Find.me that tracks user's locations and displays them on a map. I use Firebase to store their location data and use the Google Maps v3 API to create markers on a map corresponding to each user. When I test my code in the browser or using the Phonegap Developer App, everything works fine. But when I use Phonegap Build to create an Android .apk and install on my phone (Nexus 6, if that helps for anything,) run it, start the location process, and start pinching and zooming around the map, it crashes within a couple seconds. Does anyone know what's happening here? Maybe there is some conflicting code, or is this some sort of compatibility error between Phonegap and Google Maps API?  Thanks in advance!


      Code: https://github.com/shrey150/find.me/tree/testing ("testing" branch of the Git)