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    Resizing image

    H2O4 Level 1

      I found you can remove the blank bans by residing the image or using removing the default "scale to frame size" I am not sure which is the best way.

      but, is there a way to automatically set any feature so that you do not have to scale each image by hand? and is residing a frame better why to fill the screen

      or removing the default?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If Scale to Frame Size is unchecked, your photo will display at its actual size, as measured in pixels.


          If you'd like your photo to fill your video frame, that's easy if your video frame is 4:3, which is the same aspect ratio of a typical photo. But more likely you're working in 1920x1080 video, which is 16:9.


          If that's the case, you can fill the video frame by sizing your photo so that it's 1920 pixels wide (1920x1440) -- but this will give you a photo that's a little taller than your 16:9 video frame, ,so you're going to lose some of your photo's top or bottom.


          If that's okay with you, size your photo to 1920x1440 (72 ppi) and, before you import your photos into your project) uncheck Scale to Frame Size in your Preferences.