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    Importing Question:


      In Lightroom V5 and iMac OS Yosemite, one could just select several photos from an album in the iPhoto application, drag them to the LR application shortcut in the task bar and Lightroom would automatically open and you could click import, and this would import the photos into lightroom. 

      Now, having upgraded to Lightroom V6 and Apple's iMac OS El Capitan, when you select several photo's in an album from Photos and drag them to the LR icon in the taskbar, nothing happens.....  So how do you import a batch (20-200) of photos into lightroom?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          You really need to pick one photo cataloging and editing program and stick with it. Either LR or the Apple Photos app.


          Pick one and stop using the other. It is counter productive to use both.


          The problem with the Apple App is that it takes control of your images when you load/import them in to that app. By default it stores your images in a Mac OS X Package folder that hides your images from you.


          With LR when you take some images with your camera or phone and then either copy them to a folder on your hard drive of your choosing and then import them from where they are stored or allow LR to copy them to a folder of your choosing during the import process. That way you always know where your real original images are. Instead of in some hidden Package folder.