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    Daily Downloads from Camera to Computer and LR4


      Every year I go overseas I take 2 x 32Gb cards to record my travels. I will take around 3000 images. However when I arrive home I have a massive task in making a photo book. 2 years ago I was in Cuba/Mexico and have still not finished the book. My main problem is remembering information of a particular image.

      Possible scenario.

      Create a folder in LR, name it say "Cuba"

      Download days shooting to the folder

      Download next days shooting to the same folder. Will it be in order? Naturally images will not be duplicated.

      Add information to image in Library

      etc etc.

      Send to Blurb

      If someone has a simple step by step method they use daily and can help me I would be very grateful.

      Many thanks

      Trevor Watson