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    Looking for a way to Integrate my Zebra iMZ320 into my PhoneGap app HELP PLEASE.


      I am currently working on developing a PhoneGap app. I am having a very hard time finding a Plugin for a Zebra Printer. I have contacted Zebra with only the help of their SDK 600.00 later. I think I've lost half my hairline trying to figure this out. Im only 29


      Any Ideas or a developer who can develop a phonegap/cordova plugin for Zebra printer for me. Should have the function of printing barcode and labels, formatting the labels, setting fonts, etc.


      Zebra has provided the SDK in the link: https://www.zebra.com/us/en/support-downloads/mobile/imz320.html#downloadlistitem_1e9

      The plugin must be applicable on both android and ios system. We will be using an iMZ320

      I'm trying to create an application that allows me to inventory current stock that I have via a mobile phone and post it so it is visible to online customers on a site. Everything seems to work well up to now but the printer function.

      We are not using a desktop app, we only developed on android and iOS

      Our target devices are Android 4/5/6 and iOS 7/8/9

      We use the CLI to initialize project code, then switch to eclipse to continue development.

      How do you think we can approach the problem? Is there any additional information you require from me?