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    New version of dreamweaver has destroyed my templates.


      I'm working with an old website I haven't touched in half a year. Very simple, basic layout for a friend.

      I install DW CC, Put the websites folder on my main drive. Identify the site for dreamweaver.

      Open up the main page. Ah crap, they changed a bunch of stuff. Well, the changes I'm making are simple, just a few video links to a couple pages. No problem.

      Then I want to create a new page from site template.

      The template is ruined. doesn't display most of the information, the pictures, the background are all gone. all that remains is the jacked up remains of the menu bar, now listed without formatting or graphics as the sole visible content for the page.

      Is this something that can be recovered from? Is there some other way I need to identify the site for the new DW to recognize the template properly? If not, Is there any way to remake it and relink the pages so I can do updates through the site without editing each page?

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          BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To set the record straight, the new version of Dreamweaver, or any version of Dreamweaver, will not destroy existing templates, only outside forces will do that.


          To restore the template

          1. note the name of the template file, e.g. Templates/myTemplate.dwt or similar
          2. open a child page (a working page that is based on the template)
          3. rename (to junk.html or similar) so as not to affect the original file.
          4. detach junk.html from the template: Modify->Templates->Detach from Template
          5. save junk.html as template: File->Save As Template and Save as: myTemplate (no extension)