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    Director Project incompatible with 10.4.3

      I ran into a strange incompatibility today when checking a director project on OS X 10.4.3. The icon for the OS X version of the projector was incorrect, and when you went to launch it, you were given the "could not find classic Mac OS" error. But if you try the CD on OS X 10.3.9, the file's icon is correct and the the projector opens correctly.

      I believe the projector was generated on Director running on the Mac as there are seperate OS X and Classic versions, as well as a Windows version (The projector is running off a hybrid CD).

      This does not seem to follow the problems discussed on Macromedia's site with regards to Tiger compatibility - I'm wondering if this may be a 10.4.3 specific issue?

      Please excuse the lack of some technical details, as I was not involved in the creation of this projector file, and I'm trying to find some answers while we track down the original creator for my client!

      Many Thanks for Any Help!