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    what is the best solution for xml parsing?

      Hi. I've got a huge problem with the XML xtra. When I was running my application the memory usage started to grow up
      and up...I've only parse the XML once on the beggining, so I thought that maybe it was a problem with the garbage
      colector, etc...after a loooong time, I've realized that every time that I access some node to get some information, the
      movie uses more and more memory. I've read in the groups that the XML xtra is known for memory leaks issues, so I've
      did what they suggested and changed to the dom-lingo cast (the one from shocknet)...The problem is that now when I'm
      parsing the XML it takes like 50 seconds (with the XML xtra it was like 2 secs) something that I think it would be too slow
      for the end-user... I don't know if there's a faster (and free) alternative...
      I'm using Director MX and my XML file it's about 550 kb