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    When a sample plugin builds, but won't load

    Rick E Johnson Level 1

      Are there some common reasons why a sample plugin (in this case, CS6, Mac OS X 10.11, Xcode 7) will build without issues but won't load into Illustrator? In this case, I'm studying MultiArrowTool, but it simply won't load. I haven't found any place where I can put a breakpoint to see where it fails, so it appears as though AI CS6 rejects it before it even loads any code. At first I thought it might need a separate UI installed, but none was included with the sample project. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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          LeoTaro Level 4

          Have you tried putting a breakpoint in PluginMain in Main.cpp? If the plugin fails silently it is normally because this function returns an error code when it gets the startup message.

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            Rick E Johnson Level 1

            Yes, I have breakpoints at Main, AllocatePlugin, and FixupVTable. It was as though it didn't like the Pipl resource and bailed.


            It's interesting perusing the console for clues. I wish AI were more specific as to the context of the errors, i.e., if a plugin caused the error, which plugin.


            I'm compiling with the 10.6 base SDK  and 10.6 target. Wondering if the earlier SDKs added by XcodeLegacy.sh were the problem, I tried compiling with the current (and later) SDKs, and got a Rez error (exit code 3).


            Then: SUCCESS! It must have had a conflict with another plugin I'd started which was based on MultiArrow Tool. I removed that plugin, and it now MultiArrow works. Today's assignment is to figure out how simply renaming a copy of a sample project can break it. I guess it's search-and-replace time in the source files...


            I'll mark this as answered, Leo, since you encouraged me to look outside of the code. Thanks!