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    Lightroom cc doesn't merge raw panorama




      I've got a question concerning the panorama merge function in lightroom cc. I'd like to merge a nightsky panorama, but lightroom fails to do so (It does merge only 3 from 8 pictures and the result is a heavily distorted picture which is hard to correct). So I tried to merge two or three smaller panos to then merge them to a big pano, but this works only partially (the first three can be merged to one pano and the last two pictures can be merged to one pano). Lightroom says that there are not enough pictures which overlap. Well, the pictures overlap 30-50%, but could it be that this is not enough for lightroom, especially because I want to merge pictures where you can see only stars/the milky way?

      When I used the jpg pictures (I photograph in raw and jpg), photoshop as well as lightroom could merge them to a nice panorama, but with the raw files it does not work. So I processed the pictures a little bit before merging (reduced some luminance noise, increased contrast and brightness a little bit so that they resemebled the jpg files) and hoped that lightroom would find more overlapping points by doing so. But it didn't work as well.

      So, now my question is: Has anyone got an idea on how I could merge the raw files to a panorama?


      Thank you,

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          There is a limit to the number of pixels on the long side of an image and the total number of pixels in the image. Maybe you are running up against those limits.

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            tabe2000 Level 1

            Thank you for your idea. But it seems lightroom is having a problem with two particular pictures, regardless whether I try to merge 2,3 or 8 pictures to a panorama.

            I have 8 pictures and lightroom can merge picture 1-3 and 6-8 to a raw panorama, respectively. But with picture 4 and 5 it's got a problem. Neither does it work to merge 4 and 5, 2-4, 3-5, 5-7 etc. So there must be something wrong with those two pictures. My next try was to convert all eight raw files to jpg (without any processing) and lightroom could create a panorama from 1-8 as well as only from 2-4, 5-7 or 4-5. So my thought that they do not overlap enough or are too dark/have not enough contrast seems to be wrong. Somehow lightroom has got a problem with 4 and 5 as raw, but not as jpg. But leaving out 4 and 5 doesn't work as well.

            Are there some more ideas what could be wrong?